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BWTB Playlist, Sept 24th 2023

Featuring Our Final Album Side of The Summer: Ram Side 2

BWTB Playlist, Sept 24th 2023

It was our final Breakfast With The Beatles Summertime of Beatles Album Sides for this year!

This week, we opened the show by tracking Side 2 of Ram on mono vinyl

Heart of the Country

Monkberry Moon Delight

Eat at Home

Long Haired Lady

Ram On (reprise)

The Back Seat of My Car

Your Mother Should Know     Take 27

Sexy Sadie      Take 6

Paperback Writer    Take 2

Dig a Pony    Take 14

The Long and Winding Road     Take 19

Wah Wah    Take 1

My Gummy Just Kicked In (eat. Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett

The Mad Remixer Presents: From Me to You / Please Please Me, Live at EMI House, London, England, April 5, 1963 [True Stereo Mix]

The Lovely Linda, Paul McCartney, McCartney

Tomorrow, Wings, Wild Life

You Can’t Do That   Beatles Second Album

Memphis, Tennessee    Live at the BBC, September 7, 1963

I’m a Fool to Care    Ringo Starr, Sentimental Journey

I’m So Tired    Esher Demo

Love You To  Take 7

P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night), George Harrison, Brainwashed

It’s So Hard     Alternate Version

If I Needed Someone   Beatles VI

Dress Me Up as a Robber, Paul McCartney, Tug of War

Try Some Buy Some, George Harrison, Living in the Material World

You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me   Live at the BBC, July 30, 1963

Think For Yourself   Rubber Soul

San Ferry Anne, Wings, Wings at the Speed of Sound

On the Wings of a Nightingale, The Everly Brothers, EB84

Here Comes the Sun   The Concert for Bangladesh

A Beginning (Take 4) / Don’t Pass Me By (Take 7), The White Album 50th Anniversary Edition

It’s All Too Much (long version)

Girls School, Wings

If you missed this show, You can now hear it on our show archives!

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