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BWTB Playlist March 5th & 6th 2022

Breakfast With The Beatles Set List

Weekend of  March 5th and 6th 2022


I’ll Get You      Live at the BBC, September 7, 1963

I Should Have Known Better    A Hard Days Night U/A Vinyl

You Gave Me the Answer   Wings, Venus and Mars

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill      Esher Demo

Gimme Some Truth       Take 4

Young Blood      Live at the BBC, June 1, 1963

Fish on the Sand   George Harrison, Cloud Nine

Savoy Truffle        Instrumental

So Like Candy     Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello, 1988 Demo

No Reply        Beatles 65 Capitol records Stereo Vinyl

I’m a Loser    Beatles 65 Capitol records Stereo Vinyl

Dave Lentz The Mad Remixer Presents:

Dream Baby     Live at the BBC, March 7, 1962

Time to Hide  Wings, Wings over America Live at MSG, May 25, 1976

Where Did Our Love Go    Ringo Starr, Bad Boy

Hold On     Take 2

Hold Me Tight   Take 29

You Can’t Do That   Live at the BBC, March 31, 1964

Le Sous-Marin Vert (Yellow Submarine)   Maurice Chevalier Vinyl 45

Only a Northern Song   Takes 3 & 12

Run of the Mill     George Harrison, All Things Must Pass 2021 Hicks Mix

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!     Take 4

Glass Onion     Esher Demo

Country Dreamer     Paul McCartney outtake

To Know Her Is to Love Her    Live at the BBC, July 16, 1963

I’m Looking Through You  Rubber Soul Capitol Records Stereo Vinyl

Watching the Wheels       Acoustic Demo

Let Me Roll It     Wings, Band on the Run

I’m So Tired        Takes 3, 6 & 9

There’s a Place     Take 2

A Hard Days Night     Take 4

Please Please Me        Live at the BBC

Cockamamie Business      George Harrison, Best of Dark Horse

Doctor Robert      Yesterday and Today, Capitol Records Mono Vinyl

Roll Over Beethoven     Live at the BBC, February 28, 1964

Baby Blue,    Badfinger, Straight Up

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